Our Wines

Wine Flight – 6
Wine by the Glass – 6
Wine Slushy – 7
Hard Cider by the Pint – 6

Wine by the Bottle

*Recorking upon request
Restraint Chardonnay – 20
Opulent Chardonnay – 20
Chambourcin -18
House Red -18
Niagara – 15
Pink Catawba -15
Concord -15
Blackberry – 18 Winter Solstice/Iced Wine – 28

Hard Ciders

By the pint – 6, by the bottle, 750 ml – 12

Gold Rush – A thirst-quenching hard cider made with
locally sourced GoldRush apples served slightly bubbly.
8% Alcohol

Tart Cherry – A very refreshing hard cider made from
local GoldRush Apples and tart Montmorency Cherry Juice
with a slightly effervescent finish. 8% Alcohol

Peach – A light Hard Cider made with GoldRush Apples and
juicy peaches and served slightly bubbly
8% Alcohol

Dry Wines

Restraint Chardonnay –A wine with rich floral aroma and
notes of pear ad honey. An American Wine Society Silver
Medal Winner 2019. 12% alcohol, 0% residual Sugar

Opulent ChardonnayA beautiful Chardonnay made in the style of Burgundy. This barrel-fermented wine spent a year in new Hungarian Oak Barrels, giving it a velvety mouthfeel. Malolactic fermentation gives this wine aromas of butterscotch, vanilla, baked apple and pear. An American. Wine Society Silver medal winner 2019.
12% Alcohol, 0% Residual Sugar

Red Chambourcin – this unoaked dry red wine has aromas of bramble fruits, violets and forest floor. This easy to drink wine has light tannins and a slightly tart finish. An American Wine Society Bronze medal winner 2019. 12% alcohol, 0% residual sugar

House Red – This dry red wine blend of Merlot and Chambourcin is light in style with aromas of cherry, tobacco and notes of spice. An American Wine Society Bronze Medal Winner 2019.
13% Alcohol, 0% Residual Sugar

Sweet Wines

Rosé Pink Catawba – A fruity wine made with a precise blend of
Catawba and Concord grapes. This sweet wine has aromas of pink grapefruit and guava. This beautiful Rosé has some tartness balancing the sweet finish.
11% Alcohol, 3.5% Residual Sugar

Niagara – A bright semi-sweet fruity wine has aromas of
lemon, lime, and sugar pears with hints of honeysuckle flower. It is an American Wine Society Bronze Medal Winner 2017.
11% Alcohol, 3.7% Residual Sugar

Concord – This sweet and fruity wine has a distinct “grapey”
aroma. An American wine society silver medalist 2019.
11% Alcohol, 8% Residual Sugar

Fruit Blackberry – A very sweet fruit wine made from locally grown blackberries with a very intense blackberry aroma.
11% Alcohol, 10.5% Residual Sugar

Dessert Winter Solstice – An Iced Wine made from Vignoles grapes
which has searing acidity that beautifully balances its sweetness. This wine has luscious aromas of orange, dried apricots, sultanas, lemon and honey. Finger lakes Silver
10% Alcohol, 20% Residual Sugar

Wine Slushy – our wine slushy contains no ice or mix it is just our delicious handcrafted wine frozen!