Our Wines

Wine Flight – 6
Wine by the Glass – 6
Wine Slushy – 7
Hard Cider by the Pint – 6

Wine by the Bottle

*Recorking upon request
Restraint Chardonnay – 20
Opulent Chardonnay – 20
Chambourcin -18
House Red -18
Niagara – 15
Pink Catawba -15
Concord -15
Blackberry – 18 Winter Solstice/Iced Wine – 28

Hard Ciders

By the pint – 6, by the bottle, 750 ml – 12

Tart Cherry – A very refreshing hard cider made from
local GoldRush Apples and tart Montmorency Cherry Juice
with a slightly effervescent finish. 8% Alcohol

Peach – A light Hard Cider made with GoldRush Apples and
juicy peaches and served slightly bubbly
8% Alcohol

Dry Wines

Pinot gris – this white wine is light and delicate with expressions of ripe
melon, citrus, honey and has a soft floral character with a crisp finish.
A perfect summer wine.
12% alcohol, 0% residual Sugar

Vignoles – (pronounced vin-YOLE) an elegant dry white wine with notes
of candied pineapple and roasted nuts. This wine spent over a
year in Hungarian oak Barrels, undergoing fermentation and
malolactic fermentation in the Barrels, which gives it a rich
buttery character.
12 % Alcohol, 0% Residual Sugar

Red Chambourcin – this unoaked dry red wine has aromas of bramble fruits, violets and forest floor. This easy to drink wine has light tannins and a slightly tart finish. An American Wine Society Bronze medal winner 2019. 12% alcohol, 0% residual sugar

Sweet Wines

Niagara – This bright semi-sweet fruity wine has aromas of lemon,
lime, and sugar pears with hints of honeysuckle flower. It is an
American Wine Society Bronze Medal Winner 2017.
11% Alcohol, 3.7% Residual Sugar

– This wine has the Classic Concord grape aroma and
purple color. Fresh, fruity, and sweet. This Ohio Favorite is easy to
drink. An American wine society silver medalist 2019.
11% alcohol, 8% residual sugar

Blackberry – This deliciously intense essence of Blackberry is made
with 100% local Blackberries and wild yeast fermentation. The wine
is simultaneously sweet and tart, while capturing the character of the
fresh fruit. 11% Alcohol, 10.5% Residual Sugar

Wine Slushy – our wine slushy contains no ice or mix.
it is just our delicious hand crafted wine, frozen!
11% Alcohol